What Are “Impressions” in Search Analytics of Google Search Console

The existence of Google Search Console (GSC) is beneficial for the webmasters or blog owners to make appropriate efforts in achieving good SEO through submitting sitemaps, setting preferred domains, checking mobile friendliness or usability, and so on. Besides that all, we can also take advantage of other features in Google Search Console named “Search Analytics” (previously named “Search Queries” and rebranded on May 20, 2015, to “Search Analytics” with additional filter possibilities for devices, search types, and date period). One of the terminologies that will be found in “Search Analytics” is “impression”.

impressionWhat are “impressions” and how Google define this term ?. Let’s imagine you have are a flower shop located in an alley of your residential complex. When someone is searching jasmine, he will try to do a search at surrounding locations in the vicinity. And maybe, he accidentally finds your billboard that provides your shop direction. Well, when he noticed the presence of jasmine flowers at your billboard then you immediately have earned an “impression”. If two people in the same time find the appearance of jasmine you are selling at your billboard, then you now get 2 (two) impressions.

Then if we let your website is like a flower shop in the example above, the potential buyer is as analogous to a “user”, jasmine is like a “query”, and the appearance of jasmine flower on your billboard is like an “impression”. Google visitors from time to time will find a variety of information they want by typing keywords in Google search box and Google will record it into a bunch of “queries”.

“A link URL records an impression when it appears in a search result for a user”


As in the example of my blog I have, I find the query of “seo analyzer bing” appears in Search Analytics menu of Google Search Console within 7 (seven) days in the month of April 2016, which ranks first among other queries. For the query that was got the fewest number of impressions would have been placed at the bottom rank of the list. What does it mean ?. When Google visitors search for that keyword, my page’s URL got views as many as 207 times over a span of 7 days.impression

When your URL listed on page 2 of Google search and a user only views on page 1, so the impression will not be counted. As my example shown, for the query of “seo analyzer bing”, my URL appears on page 4, so it will be difficult to get more impression as long as the user has never opened a Google search result in page 4.impression

Last but not the least, the queries that have many impressions that many counts in number are not too meaningful if the number of “Click” are not as many as the impressions. It means that your billboard will be really beneficial for your business if many real customers come to your shop after seeing your advertisement.

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