How to Update News by Specific Topics Through Your Email Using Google Alerts

Perhaps you are a businessman who always want to get the latest news about the updated conditions of your business both in your country or abroad. In this digital era, a method to obtain updated information is more easily available, either through the website, email, or gadget that is almost 24 (twenty four) hours always be at your hand. But maybe there are among you who do not know how we can update the latest news taken from Google News via our email account.

It’s called Google Alerts. We can decide what topics or issues that we will follow it via email. Suppose we are interested in the topic of “insurance”, then we can set up in order that every “insurance” news will be delivered automatically into our email account. If you already have a Google email account, this work becomes more easily resolved.

Here is a few steps in setting up Google Alerts :

  1. Create a Google email account to receive alerts (if you do not have yet, you can register first at
  2. Open your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) and navigate to Input the specific keywords as your news alerts (ex. “insurance”, etc).google alerts
  3. Move the scroll bar to the bottom. There will be visible a button marked as “Create alert”. Click this button and then fill in your gmail account address there. As an option, you can set up how often the news will be received and also what the news sources will be taken (Google News, Google Web, Blog, Video, and others). You can also specify the language and territorial of the alerts
  4. After completing the setting, click the “Create Alert” button. You will be directed to login to your Google email account that you have had before. Shortly afterwards, it appears a notification that you have activate the news alert with the topic as you determined.
  5. When you check into your email inbox, there is a new email from Google Alerts that contains a number of updated news taken from Google News or other sources affiliated with alerts
  6. To view the full articles, just click on the each link of the news headline and you will be directed to the article alerts
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