How to Submit Your URL to Bing

Based on documentation, the majority of internet users in the world use Google as a search engine than other brands. During 2016, the Google users reached around 71.41%, followed by Bing with a market share reaching 11.32%. Although the gap was too far with Google but it’s good for webmasters to began in paying attention to Bing.

submit URL to BingSuch as Google, Bing has also provided Bing Webmaster as a tool for the webmaster in managing their website. One of the useful tools that can be utilized is “Submit URL”. This feature is used in submitting your content directly to Bing. In my experience, I got a good impact in indexing status of my URL pages, while waiting for the indexing result appears in Bing via sitemap.xml is also not the right action.

The following steps show you on how to submit URL to Bing :

  1. Login to your Bing Webmaster Tools accounts by going to If you hold Microsoft account, you can sign in with it or create a Microsoft account as a part of the Bing Webmaster Tools sign up procedure.
  2. Submit and verify your website with 3 (three) different method in verifying process (xml file authentication, meta tag authentication, and add a CNAME record to DNS). Once verified, you will see your verified status by green checkmark at the top left of your Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard.submit to bing
  3. Now, go to the “Submit URLs” feature by choosing “Configure My Site – Submit URLs” menu. In the “Submit URLs” box you can add 1 (one) URL per line. Click “Submit” to finish your submission. Note that you are allowed to submit your URL of your website with maximum 10 (ten) URLs per day and 50 (fifty) per month. This feature is also currently restricted to “root domain” only.submit url to bing
  4. If your submission meets the criteria, Bingbot will start to crawl your URL immediately. To see the result, check your indexed status after a few hour or day by entering “site:yourdomain” in Bing search box.submit url to bing

Note : Another way in submission URL to Bing is through which provide a quick and direct method for webmasters.

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