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If you already have a website or blog and want to share files with your visitors, there is a simple way to store and share your files by creating hyperlinks pointed to your file location. One of the advantages of storing files at free storage service like MediaFire is reducing the hosting space usage of your web or blog, especially if you have many files with large size.

MediaFire is an online storage and sharing service company focused on providing the customers with a complete and easy-to-use solution for managing their documents by online. Available for Windows, Android and iOS, MediaFire offers online storage solution by unlimited downloads for free.

In this article, I will give you the steps on how to store files and share it using MediaFire, a free online file storage and sharing service. Here are the steps on how to upload and store your files to :

Step A : Store Files to MediaFire

  1. Go to and sign up if you don’t have an account there. Otherwise, login to your account if you already have it (it allow up to 10 attempts for invalid login).
  2. Prepare a file that will be uploaded. You can create new folders which you can save your files based on the classifications that have set before. As an example, you can store image files in a special folder named “My Pictures” and video files under the folder named “My Video”. store files
  3. After choosing a specific folder in MediaFire, click the “Upload” button located on the top side of your MediaFire dashboard. Choose “From computer” if the files to be upload located on your PC. To upload a file from a website, choose “From the web”. mediafire
  4. New windows will appear. Select file to upload by clicking “Add files” button. Click “Begin Upload” to start uploading process. MediFire will begin uploading your files and a progress bar will be displayed in the bottom of the windows screen. Wait for a moment until the uploading process complete.
  5. Click “Done” to finish your work.

Step B : Share Files on Your Blog Posts

Furthermore, how to share your files with visitors of your web or blog ?. MediaFire provides URL sharing menu where this link can be inserted into your website or blog. How to insert it is fairly easy :

  1. Open actions menu at the rightmost position of your file lists or hover over the file list and do right click of your mouse.
  2. Choose “Share” and copy the link appears in the URL box.share file
  3. Now, go to the article post on your web or blog. If your text editor support WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) features, you can insert hyperlinks on your words or pictures. Block or highlight your text on your post and click “Insert/Edit Link” menu icon at your text editor panel.
  4. Paste the URL obtained from step no. 2 into URL box and click “Apply”. mediafire
  5. Finish.

Note : What if the text editor of your website or blog does not support WYSIWYG ?. You can type in the text editor with the following script :

| <a href=”“>Your text</a> | : the URL where the file is uploaded or stored at MediaFire.
Your text : word or phrase in your blog posts containing a hyperlink leading to your file location at MediaFire.

On your website or blog post it will appear like this : Yourtext

MediaFire Features
-Store and share a variety of file format (photo, video, audio, doc, etc)
-10GB free space with 4GB for each and individual files
-Unlimited bandwith and downloads
-Easily share after uploading
-Multiple uploads at once with their handy applications
-Organize with ease (copy, move, and other control access)
-One-time links (your recipient will not be able to share the link with anyone else)
-Available for mobile application (android and iOS)
-Upgradeable to MediaFire Promediafire

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