How To Share Internet Connection From Your PC Using Virtual Router Plus

When you have 3G modem or fixed line internet and router, you can make internet connection sharing via router in a simple step because you have a proper and suitable tools in achieving your goal. Almost every homeowner in big city have both of these devices for internet connection sharing. With completed tools, all family members can access internet in all time and all day without being distracted by others.

But how about you who do not have a router ?. Let’s say that you only have a mobile phone (3G card + hotspot) and your PC equipped with wifi adapter. Can we make an internet connection sharing with other users using your PC ?. Though you do not have physical router, you can try to use “virtual router”. But this application requires your PC always is “on” condition. It can help us in making “emergency” or “temporary” internet connection sharing by no existence of physical router.

What is Virtual Router Plus ?

“Virtual Router Plus” is a freeware based virtual router used for PCs and can be installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012. By using this lightweight software, users can share any internet connection types with any wifi devices (notebook, android, iPhone, etc.) Users can connect to “virtual router” just like connect to hotspot with completely secured by using WPA2.

How it Work ?

  1. Go to the Virtual Router Plus page (you can directly visit or third party web like Click download button to download the installation to share internet connection
  2. Install it on your PC and activate it by double click the .exe file. Beforehand, your PC must be successfully connected to the internet devices (in my example, my PC has been connected to the access point or hotspot from my mobile phone). how to share internet connectionIf you have a 3G modem or fixed line network, you can activate internet connection on your PC and further it will become a “virtual router” to other devices.
  3. Open Virtual Router Plus and make necessary setting like network name (SSID) and WPA2 security password. Once your setting is finished, click “Start Virtual Router Plus”. The active icon will appears in the Windows to share internet connectionhow to share internet connection
  4. On other side, open your devices which want to connect to the “vritual router”. It will appears new access point or hotspot when wifi in “on” status. Try to connect the SSID ( WPA2 security is optional).internet connection sharing
  5. To terminate your internet connection sharing, click “Stop Virtual Router Plus” on your PC desktop. SSID or hotspot name in other devices will disappear immediately.     

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