How to Setup and Install Free WordPress Hosting at

Since its inception in 2004 as a sole proprietorship, Hostinger Group has evolved into a leading web hosting provider company in the world. They have millions of clients worldwide and they also manage thousands of servers to meet the needs of their clients.

In 2011, Hostinger opened a branch office in Indonesia. Currently, they already have over 250,000 clients in Indonesia with active status over 90,000 websites. They are also the fastest growing web hosting company in Indonesia as they record over 1000 new clients per day.

Anyone, especially who lives in Indonesia now can enjoy free hosting at with disk space 2,000 MB and bandwidth 100 GB. This feature is perfectly adequate for personal websites. Still not enough?. You can upgrade to premium or business hosting services whenever you want.

Here are the steps to setup and install a free WordPress hosting at :

  1. Register and login to
  2. At the cPanel, click “New Hosting” to create a new free hosting site.hostinger
  3. Choose “Gratis” version and click “Order”. As you can see that this type of hosting offer the following features :
    -Disk space 2,000 MB
    -Bandwidth 100 GB
    -Free Subdomain
    -2 Database MySQL
    -Website Builder
    -Script Autoinstaller (no longer available)
  4. At the shop cart, click “Lanjut ke Checkout” to finish your order. As a free hosting, there is no rupiah should you pay (Total Ringkasan Order : Rp0).
  5. Check “Saya setuju dengan Syarat dan ketentuan Kebijakan Privasi” and then click “Submit Order”.
  6. Click “Setup”
  7. At “Pengaturan Order HOSTING”, type or enter your domain name at “Nama Domain” (if you already have your own domain). Thick “Eropa (UK)” as the default server location. Also, enter your password and then click “Setup”.hostinger
  8. Next, you will install your WordPress as your CMS of your website. Since turn off Auto Installer for a free hosting option, you should use FTP to install the WordPress.
  9. Install Filezilla Client at your local PC as the FTP application. You can visit and choose the right version before download.
  10. Download WordPress installer from and extract in your PC directory.
  11. Now you should login via FTP account in order to be able to connect to your File Manager directory of your cPanel.
  12. Click your domain name and choose “Kelola”.hostinger
  13. At the “File” section, click “Akses FTP”. Now you see the detailed info about FTP access, like FTP host, FTP IP, FTP Port, FTP username, and FTP password. I suggest you change FTP password by clicking “Ubah password akun”. After entering a new password, click “Simpan”.hostinger
  14. Now try to access your cPanel via FTP using your data.
  15. If you failed using that FTP account, try to change Host from name based to IP based on. This is an FTP connection data example :
    -Host :
    -Username : u200150786
    -Password : [password you create]
    -Port : 21hostinger
  16. Once you are connected to the FTP server, use the file browser on the left side of the program to find the WordPress files on your PC. You can simply drag and drop your files from left to right in uploading to the server.
  17. Find the extracted WordPress installation on your PC directory. Select all and drag & drop to public_html folder at hosting cPanel. This process will take around 15-30 minutes depending on internet connection quality (wait until all the files successfully uploaded).hostinger
  18. Before accessing your website via the browser, you should rename Name Server (NS) at your domain page of your domain provider. Pointing the Nameserver 1 to Nameserver 4 by,,, and Click “Change Nameservers” to confirm your data. Please be aware that change can take from few minutes up to 24 hours to propagate.hostinger
  19. Now you should be able to access your website via internet browser by typing your domain’s URL like The image below will be displayed. After choosing language, click “Continue” to start the WordPress setup.hostinger
  20. A notification page will display, inform you about important things should be understood before starting WordPress installation. Click “Let’s go!”.
  21. Create SQL database before continuing your WordPress setup. Go to “Databases” and create a new MySQL database and database user. Click “Create” to finish creating a database.hostinger
  22. Back to your WordPress installation process and copy-paste database info into the column. The example of database info is as follows :
    -Database Name : u500156789_agen
    -Username : u500156789_agen
    -Password : yourpassword
    -Database Host :
    -Table Prefix : wp_
    Click “Submit”.
  23. If success, a new page appears with a new message, “All right, sparkly!…”. Click “Run the install”.
  24. At the “Welcome” page, provide the following information needed by WordPress : Site Title, Username, Password, and Your Email. Then click “Install WordPress”.hostinger
  25. Congratulation. Your free WordPress setup finish !.

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