How to Remove An Outdated Content From Google Search Results

Sometimes, for any reason, you want to delete any post or page on your blog and don’t want to be indexed by Google. But how about your content’s URL that still shows up in Google search result after you delete it on the admin page of your blog or web ? (This can be due to a copy of the page that can be viewed in the search result. This stored copy of the page is called a “cached copy”, “cached version”, or sometimes simply “cache”. remove outdated content

Here are the steps on how permanently remove an outdated content of your blog or web from Google search results :

  1. Go to the “remove outdated content” page at
  2. Enter the page’s URL that has the outdated content on your blog or web and wants to be removed. You must check first at Google search results and then copy the page’s URL appears. It should be noted that the submission will work only for pages that have already been modified or removed from the web or blog. This tool will not work if you want to remove personal information or contents with legal issues. Click “Request Removal” button.
  3. A dialog box “Analyzing URL” will appear with a valid confirmation that “This content is no longer live on the website”. Click “Request Removal”. outdated content
  4. You can see a new line appears with several columns contain information about your outdated URL, status, removal type, and requested date.
  5. Wait for a few hours or days and re-login to You will find the updated status of your removal request. Another way, you can check it on your Google Search Console (GSC) account and go to “Google Index – Remove URLs” menu.remove outdated content
  6. If your request is successful, Google will remove the snippet and cached copy from Google search results.

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