How to Reduce Image Size in WordPress Using EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin

To attract readers in exploring your entire article posts in WordPress, there may be a number of images you want to insert or display into your paragraphs. But too many images in your posts may cause a loading time becomes longer than can be negatif impact to your blog visitor statistic. Your readers might be rushing to leave your blog as a result of high loading time.

So it becomes important that your images uploaded to your WordPress should be reduced first in size. The “EWWW Image Optimizer” plugin can optimize your images easily and convert them automatically to the smallest file format that will produces good impact to your page. It makes your readers will give a long time and finish to read your entire article posts. With optimized images you can reserve your hosting space and bandwith limit as well. Besides that, you also no longer need to use the offline software that cause waste a lot of time in waiting the optimizing process finished.

By default, EWWW Image Optimizer plugin will uses a lossless optimization method, so your image quality will not change after the optimization process completed.

The following steps need to be done  :

  1. Go to the download page at to reduce image size
  2. Click “Download” button and save to your local PC.
  3. Upload the zip file has been download by accessing your WordPress admin page and click “Plugins – Add New”. Then click “Upload Plugin” button and choose the zipped plugin file stored in your to reduce image size
  4. Click “Install Now” to start installation process and wait until the process to reduce image size
  5. Click “Setting” under the plugin name to set it up. Or you can access it by exploring “Setting” menu on the left side of your admin to reduce image size
  6. For the best result in optimizing images, it recommended to use “Advanced Settings” instead of “Basic Settings”.

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