How to Prevent People For Identifying Your WordPress Username

As a webmaster or WordPress administrator, you surely know that the WordPress back-end page can be accessed by going to or /wp-login.php. And since you didn’t change the default username to other name and make it same with author name that published on your front-end page, you will find that it made hackers easier to make brute force attacks to your WordPress. This is the most way in WordPress hacking attempts in the world.

So, although you have changed your “admin” username to “other” username, the hackers still can discover your “other” username if they view the source code of your WordPress. Another way is by guessing your username after seeing the “author” name displayed at your article posts. So, from now, you should give more attention in securing your admin page by changing not only your “username” but also “author name”. Since the 2 (two) “name” above is same, in fact, your website is not completely secure. author name

The steps on how to change the “author name” and “username” on your WordPress admin page are as shown in the following explanation :

  1. Login to your admin page of your WordPress.
  2. In the “Users” menu, check the following profile column : “Username”, “Nickname (required)”, and “Display name publicly as”. As a default, typically you will see the same data as my example below :
    -Username : fajarnindyo
    -Nickname (required) : fajarnindyo
    -Display name publicly as : fajarnindyo how to hide username
    So, when I write on my WordPress, the author name of my posts are shown as “fajarnindyo”. This is because the display name is as same as with username.
  3. Change your nickname become any other name, such as “Fajar Nindyo, ST, AAAIK”.
  4. Click the dropdown menu on “Display name publicy as” and choose your new nickname (in my example, I will change it by “Fajar Nindyo, ST, AAAIK”). Click “Update Profile” after making any change to your profile. how to change wordpress username
  5. Now, you should also change the default username to anyone else. But since you can’t change manually at your WordPress admin page, you must go to phpMyAdmin. Login to your hosting provider cPanel and search the location of “phpMyAdmin” (in my cPanel, I found it at “Database Manager – Management – phpMyAdmin”). phpmyadmin
  6. Click on “wp_users” on “Table” column. You will see the the initial user data as my example below :
    -user_login : fajarnindyo
    -user_nicename : fajarnindyo
    -display-name : Fajar Nindyo, ST, AAAIK wp_user
  7. Now, you should change “user_login” to different name (such as from “fajarnindyo” become “fajarganteng”). Select or check the “wp_users “row and click “Edit” to make any necessary modifications.
  8. Change in the “user_login value” column by deleting “fajarnindyo” and rename it with “fajarganteng”. Click “Go” to finish the modification. Now you will see that “user_login” has been changed by “fajarganteng”. how to change username
  9. Try to re-login to your WordPress admin page with your old username and now, you and anyone else can’t use it. Please login by your last one as you modified in your cPanel. And if you check the “username” profile at the “Users” menu of your WordPress admin page, you will find that the “old” username has been changed to the “new” ones. Again, that you aren’t allowed to change your username via WordPress admin page and should go to the phpMyAdmin area of your hosting provider cPanel.

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