How to Prevent High Internet Quota Use by Disabling Avira Automatic Update

Avira is one of the best anti virus software which widely used all over the world and gain more than 20 (twenty) award during 2016, including numerous top ranking as best product awards for detection, real protection, performance and malware removal. Although Avira is very good to be used as PC antivirus protection system but this software also can cause your internet quota increasingly sucked. And as user, we are usually not aware about this fact because the updating process normally run in the Windows background.

One of the Avira user make a question in Avira homepage about how to turn off the auto update. He got a little bit annoying when he use internet activity with quota based connection and Avira always make updating automatically. While to turn off this feature permanently is also not an easy work as Avira determined the minimum updating time limit by 2 (two) hours and maximum by 22 (twenty two) days. For the quota based internet user, it is really not a right situation.disabling avira automatic update

So, on how we can turn off auto update feature in Avira is just make a little trick as described in following steps :

  1. Open “Avira Connect – Free Antivirus” from your Windows desktop or by clicking Avira Connect icon at the Windows taskbar and choose “Manage Antivirus”.how to disable avira automatic update
  2. Click “Extras – Configuration” menu.
  3. Click “Update – Proxy settings” and change the default option from “Do not use a proxy server” to “Use this proxy server”.
  4. Fill in the “Address”, “Port”, “Login name”, and “Login password” column by any fake to disable avira automatic update
  5. Click “OK’ button to finish the proxy settings.

Note : Any time when you want to update your Avira automatically, you can return to the “Proxy settings” page and select “Do not use a proxy server”.

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