How to Perform Web Mobile-Friendly Test on Google

Having a website or blog which is mobile-friendly nowadays becomes an important part of the web developing process. In many leading countries, internet mobile phone traffic now exceeds desktop traffic. So if your web or blog is still not mobile-friendly, you should change its design immediately. To identify whether your web or blog is mobile friendly, besides using Bing tools, you can also perform the mobile-friendly test in Google easily and quickly.

In a previous article, I have discussed how to test the mobile friendliness using the tools provided by Bing. In a similar way, Google also provides web developer in accessing whether your web or blog is mobile friendly or not using Google Search Console tools.

Here’s the step on how to take the respective test in Google :

  1. Access to
  2. Enter your web or blog page URL and click “Run Test” button. mobile user-friendly test
  3. For security reason, you must verify your request by choosing relevant captcha images. Then click “Verify”. Google will take analysing for some seconds.
  4. After finished, you will see the result whether your web or blog is mobile friendly or not. In my case, the page of passed the test with good result. It says “Page is mobile-friendly” marked by green colour font. 
  5. To see the detail of mobile usability errors you may go to your Google Search Console by accessing “Search Traffic – Mobile Usability” menu. 

As Google said at that web and blog traffic from mobile devices (android and iOS) is on the rise. And supporting by recent studies that mobile users are more likely revisit mobile-friendly sites or blogs. So taking proper steps in complying mobile friendly is a good solution. Google also clearly stated that websites with mobile usability issues may not rank as well in mobile search results. In the other hand, the issues emerged typically come from a number of factors, like flash usage, viewport configuration, fixed-width viewport, small font size, etc.

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