How to Make Money by URL Shortening

If you have a web or blog that provides many download links to the various types of document such as software, music, photos, and others, it will certainly produce a lot of links to the place or location of the file stored both in your internal server or external online storage such as dropbox, Google drive, mediafire, etc.

Besides aiming to get web or blog visitors, the existence of the download links actually can be utilized to gain revenue through URL shortening activity. One company that provides URL shortening services and monetizing it in all at once is (located in Szczecin, the capital of West Pomeranian Province, Poland) which is one of the best link shortening networks in the world. They provide link shortening service that gives a convenience scheme to users in shortening a link and earning income at the same time.

How does it work? Users only need to follow 4 (four) main steps below to get benefit from the features they provided :

1. Users register here.
2. Users start to shorten a link in the shorten box on the user dashboard. shortening URL
3. Users post the shortened links, either on the web or blog, email, or other social media.shortened link
4. Users will get income in a situation of every visitors or social media users click on the shorted link they

With a strong team of technical developers and customer support, they are ready to serve users who want to join with them. Until now, they have reached over 20,000 registered users and they have shortened around 1.5 million links. They are continuing to do some development aiming to give profitable scheme both to publishers and advertisers.

Supported by a good reputation of the company that has been established since 2013, there is no any reason to doubt their services. On contrary, you have a chance to earn money with ease. Moreover, you also don’t need to have a web or blog to be able to take an advantage of this free service. If you are personally active in social media, you still have the opportunity to earn extra money by participating in this program. Everything is really free !. So, let’s sign up by clicking on the banner below and you are ready to earn unlimited income !

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