How to Make An Awesome Intro Video Using Wondershare Filmora

When you see my Youtube channel at, you will see the short intro as an opener of my video. To create an intro video, in addition to using YouTube tools, you can also create it with video editing software. In this article, I would like to share on how to make an awesome intro video using Wondershare Filmora.

Here’s the step by step how to create it :

1. You need a raw video as background of your intro video. You can search it on the internet. To avoid copyright infringement, look for videos that are “free” and “no copyright” stamp. You can try to start googling by set a query “free background intro video with no copyright”. Try to find get a video with good resolution (like 1920×1080), aspect ratio 16:9, and frame rate 24.00 or higher. In this example, I found “The Milky Way” video at See at a glance the file information and then download the file to your PC.videvo

2. Open Wondershare Filmora on your PC desktop and start to create a new video. Choose “16:9” and “Full Feature Mode” to get a good quality result in video output files.wondershare filmora

3. Click “Import – Import Media Files” at the top menu of your Wondershare Filmora. Choose the background video file has been downloaded at Step 1.wondershare filmora

4. Drag or move the background video from the User’s Albums to the Video track at the Timeline of your Wondershare Filmora. Beforehand, you can play it in preview mode at the top right of your Filmora.wondershare filmora

5. Now, you will blend with your opening text (something like “your Youtube channel name”). Fortunately, Filmora has provided many Opener preset. You can click “Text/Credit” icon and select “Opener”. Choose the preferable one and drag or place it into the “Text track”. Set the position or time of the text will be appeared on your video.wondershare filmora

6. Change or modify the preset text positioned at “Text track” by double click it. You can change it with your own words. Also, you can arrange the show time of your text by dragging the edge of the text clip.

7. Now, you should synchronize the end of your whole intro video as you combine 2 (two) file with different time duration (drag the edge of which that has longer duration to the shorter one).wondershare filmora

8. Before converted to the final output video, it’s better to play your project from the beginning to ensure that your are satisfied with your work.

9. Now, click “Export – Create Video” menu to enter the video output setting menu. You can choose a variety of video format, file name, output directory, and resolution, as you want. You can choose the preset output provided by Filmora or make a manual setting. Click “Export” to start the converting process.wondershare filmora

10. Finish.

Note : You can also add music as the background audio on your project (just import your own audio files or use existing files by Filmora while in editing mode).

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