How to Display Site Stats on Your WordPress Admin Page

As blog owner or administrator, you might want to know the number of your blog visitor. With this statistical data, you can further make any strategic decisions in an attempt to boost your visitor number. Now, WordPress lets you know how many visitors land to your blog and on what posts they arrive.

There are many plugins provided by WordPress in showing visitor statistic and one of them which popular is Jetpack. Actually, this plugin is not just for stats only but also functioned to measure related posts, search engine optimisation, social sharing, protection, backups, speed, and email list management. The benefits you get by using Jetpack’s site stats are : easy to be installed (no required any skills for scripts or coding), easy to be used with complete features, and available on mobile.

Here’s step on how to setup Jetpack as your blog statistical tools :
1. Go to and download the plugin.
2. Login into your WordPress admin page (typically by accessing
3. Install the plugin on your WordPress by clicking “Plugins – Add New” menu.
3. Stats are automatically enabled when you activate it.jetpacksite stats4. Additional step : Connect Jetpack to (you must have an account there) and you can view your stats in a number of different ways. On your main dashboard page, you can at-a-glance site views by top posts, searches, referrer, and geographic locations, combining with good insights in a most popular article.

Note : This plugin also can be running conjunction with Google Analytics on your WordPress.

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