How to Display BBC News on Your WordPress Sidebar

If your wordpress blog is created to inform your readers about any actual and latest news in various fields such as economics, politics, travelling, technology, you can then write your own articles related to the above areas or you will display news updates retrieved from external links. If you want to automatically display updated news from external links, you can utilize the features of RSS widget in your WordPress.

Many news-related website (like BBC, ESPN, Yahoo! News, Google News, stc) provide RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) as tools offered to regular readers in keeping any latest news. RSS give good solution for people who frequently visit the news web. The readers can save more time by not to always visit each news web one by one separately. For this reason, the number of news web which offers RSS grow significantly.

As blog owner, you can give more advantages to your readers by displaying the updated BBC news (or other news-related web which provide RSS). Just customize your WordPress widget and all be done !. Here’s the simple step to realize it  :

  1. Access to your WordPress admin page and go to “Appearance – Widget” menu (in the left side of your WordPress admin page).
  2. Drag and drop “RSS” widget provided by WordPress from the left area to the sidebar widget to display BBC news
  3. Go to the BBC web to retrieve RSS Feed link. You should decide on what article contents you want to display on your WordPress. For example, if you are interested in the latest article on BBC News – Technology, you should visit the Technology section and you will see a small button (with orange mark) on the left side of the RSS to display RSS feed
  4. Copy the RSS URL appears in your browser and paste into the blank column of the RSS widget on your WordPress. You can choose on how many item would like to display on your WordPress sidebar. You can also decided if the article title only which will be displayed or combining with item content.
  5. Save your configuration by pressing “Save” button and see how it affect in the front of your WordPress.

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