How to Delete Footer Text of “Powered by WordPress” in Accesspress Mag Theme

Why people love WordPress as their blog platform ?. One reason why the blog owner using WordPress instead of others is a ton of free themes provided both by or third party developer websites.

When you use WordPress themes, you will usually find the footer text of “Powered by WordPress”. For business owners, this message may not be expected because it can reduce the formal appearance of their website.powered by wordpress

In this article, I will show you on how to fix it. Follow the steps below on how to delete “Powered by WordPress” title in the footer area of WordPress themes, especially for Accesspress Mag theme:

  1. Login to your web hosting cPanel and go to File Manager directory.
  2. Find “wp-content – themes” folder and choose the current theme folder you use.
  3. Find and click the “footer.php” file. You will discover a script paragraph as below :footer.php
  1. Click “Edit” menu to modify the footer.php and delete the above line. Save your work by pressing “Save Changes” button.footer.php
  2. Exit your cPanel and re-type your homepage at your browser. Now the default footer text would be disappear.
  3. Click “View” again to check whether your change has been properly made.

Note : Not of all WordPress themes have an exact script like above. You can find script line started by “<div class=”site-info”>” and ended by “</div><!– .site-info –>” to determine the script that will be deleted from footer.php. Consider to backup your footer.php first before making the above process.

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