How to Cut or Delete Part of Video Using FastStone Video Editor

Nowadays, many professional softwares offer good facilities in recording computer screen, but not all among them give complete tools in post processing program. Today maybe we still only know that FastStone Capture just a simple and lightweight software which provide tools in screenshot and screen video recording. This software really helps you in capturing desktop screen picture both in full screen size or fixed regions as you defined. It also can record any screen activities together with audio recording. But is it true that FastStone just can do these 2 (two) things ?.

Maybe not many people really know that besides being able to do 2 (two) things above, we can use FastStone as video editor software. How it works ?. After screen recording process is completed, the video files can be edited in the same place. It means that you do not need to open any other or separated video editing softwares to make any standard modifications to such videos.

The following are the steps on how to cut or delete any parts of your video resulting from screen video recording activity using FastStone Screen Recording before and now utilize FastStone Video Editor to make a simple editing process  :

  1. You must install first the FastStone Capture at your PC (download it from their official website at
  2. After installation process is finished, then click Start – FastStone Capture in your Windows desktop.
  3. Do the screen recording process by initially pressing “Screen Recorder” button. Then choose the size area will be recorded (windows, rectangular, or full screen). After that, then click “Record – Start” button to start capturing your screen video. You can also use defined hotkey to start and resume screen recording process.
  4. Immediately after screen recording is finished and your video has been saved in a specific folder, then click “Edit” button to open that file in a new panel. Now your video is ready to be edited in FastStone Video Editor.
  5. To cut or delete any parts of your video, firstly you should set the initial position on the video which will be deleted. After that, choose “Cut” menu by pressing an icon labeled by “scissor” picture. A new task panel “Cut Unwanted Video” tool appears in your dashboard with a question, “Are you sure you want to cut the video from here ?”.
  6. Input video duration of unwanted section that would be deleted in “Duration” column. But if you are not sure about the exact duration, you can leave it remain unchanged for temporary. Click “OK” button to close this panel tool. A grey bar will appears in the timeline.
  7. To set the exact duration of unwanted section, slide the grey bar at the specific location. Then right click on the grey bar above. Choose “Delete” to cut this section.
  8. Save your project for other editing process.
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