How to Crop Pictures in Specific Size of Width and Height Using Photoscape

One time my son got a school task of collecting a personal photo with a predetermined width and height (11 cm x 14 cm). He said that in the each edge of the photo will be decorated by clamshell. So, how we can create a profile photo with a predetermined size in SI unit (International System of Units) while the original image size obtained from digital cameras or smartphones is usually in the form of pixel units.

Here are the steps to create a cropped image in certain width and height size based on SI units :

  1. Open your Photoscape and choose “Editor” menu.
  2. Choose the original image that will be cropped. Drag and drop it to the work area of your Photoscape. In this example, I have an original photo with 2448 x 3696 pixel size.
  3. Click “Crop” and choose “11:14” aspect ratio listed in the drop-down menu. It means that you will get a cropped image with width and height ratio by 11:14 (this can be defined as 11 cm : 14 cm, 11 mm : 14 mm, and so on).
  4. Make a selection area on your original photo by clicking the left mouse and drag it to determine a new selection area as you want. cropped picture
  5. Click “Save as” to save the cropped photo to your folder with an option in adjusting jpeg quality and other settings.
  6. Now, we would like to get a photo with 11 cm x 14 cm dimension.
  7. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document and click “Tools – Options” at the top menu of your MS Word.
  8. Change “Measurement units” to “Centimeters”. cropped image
  9. Click “Insert – Picture – From File” menu and upload your cropped photo from no. 5 above.
  10. Activate “Drawing” toolbar by choosing “View – Toolbars – Drawing” menu.
  11. Click “Draw – Grid”. Change the “horizontal spacing” and “vertical spacing” by 1.00 cm. Tick “Display gridlines on screen” to show it on your Word document. cropped image
  12. Drag your photo to fit the actual size required. cropped photo
  13. Finish.

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