How to Create Your WordPress Favicon Using Photoscape

A favicon (favorite icon) or site icon is a little picture file displayed by small icons to identify your web page or blog. Any browsers which support this feature will display your favicon in their browser’s address bar.

Typically your wordpress platform requires favicon file with at least 512 x 512 px size. It advised to make favicon in .png format because it will support many type of internet browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. In this tutorial, I would like to explain in short article on how to create or make a favicon file using Photoscape.

Here are the steps should be followed  :

  1. Open Photoscape at your PC (install it if you do not have yet before).
  2. Click “Menu – New Photo” to start in making a new file.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, input “width” and “height” pixel size of your favicon. In this case, wordpress requires a favicon in a square form with at least 512 pixel wide and tall. So input this size into that column and then press “OK” button.
  4. Press “Object – Text” to write some fonts representing your favicon style. Make some adjustments until you are satisfied. Try to make your favicon design fits with the whole pixel area.
  5. After you are satisfied with your displayed favicon design, then save your work into .png format.
  6. Go to your wordpress admin page ( and click “Appearance – Customize – Site Identity”
  7. Click “Select Image” button and upload your favicon file which has been made before from your PC folder.
  8. A new small image will appears in the “Site Identity” panel menu. It means that you have chosen a specific picture to be your wordpress favicon. You can modify or change this favicon with your other image later.
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