How to Create and Insert Google News RSS Feed to Your WordPress Sidebar

In this article, I have explained you on how to to display BBC News on your WordPress Sidebar. It looks simple to add RSS as BBC News have made RSS Feed on it website. But how about Google News ?. Recently, Google News does not inform us clearly about the existence of RSS Feed and prefer to tell on how to subscribe news via email alert.

Although Google not make a clear guidance to blog owner on how to make Google News RSS, you actually still be able to display the Google News RSS Feed on your WordPress sidebar with some tricks. Let’s know on how it should be created by following the steps below  :

  1. Go to and type your “search keyword” as you are looking for. In this example, I want to create “web security” as my RSS feed news rss feed
  2. Scroll bar to the bottom of your screen and you will find a button marked as “Create alert”. Click on it.
  3. You will be directed to the “Alerts” page (login first to your Google email) and this statement will appears, “This will create an email alert for [email protected]”. Then click “Create Alert” button to make an alert. For the advance setting, you can open “Show options” before pressing “Create Alert”.
  4. In “My alerts” you will find new topic added to your alert lists, i.e. “web security”. Click “Edit” icon (marked by a small pencil picture). Change “Deliver to” default option from “[email protected]” to “RSS feed”. Click “Create Alert” to finish your setting.
  5. A new RSS feed icon will immediately appears. Click on that icon to see the feed URL in your browser.
  6. Now, login to your WordPress admin page and add “RSS” widget into your WordPress sidebar. Copy and paste the feed URL shown in your browser into the blank column provided in the “RSS” widget.
  7. Once you press “Save” button on your “RSS” widget, a new RSS feed will appears in your WordPress sidebar which contains updated news related to “web security”.

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