How to Create A Circle Profile Photo Using Photoscape

To make your blog looks luxurious, in addition to concern about the quality of the articles, you also have to give more attention in keeping the layout of the blog always attractive for visitors so that people will give a good impression on your blog. One small thing you can do is to create a good “about us” page equipped with an attractive profile photo.

Here are the simple steps in creating a circle profile photo using Photoscape (and I have used this step in creating a profile photo on my “About Us” page) :

  1. Choose your original photo taken from your mobile phone, digital camera, DSLR, web cam, or other devices.
  2. Open Photoscape (you must install it before) and choose “Editor” menu. photoscape
  3. Drag and drop your original photo to the picture area of your Photoscape.
  4. Thick “Crop Round Image” option at the left bottom of your Photoscape.
  5. Start to crop your photo by pressing “Shift” button combined with your left mouse. You can make a selection area as wide as you want. photoscape
  6. Click “Crop” to confirm your final selection.
  7. Now you have a newly cropped photo. “Save as” your photo on your destination folder. photoscape
  8. Insert or upload your photo to the profile page on your blog or web. Make sure that your uploaded photo is a compressed version to avoid a bad loading time and consume high quota space.

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