How to Convert JPEG Files Into PNG Files Using RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool)

PNG is derived from the abbreviation of Portable Network Graphic (PNG). Nowadays, this image format is widely used as lossless image compression format in the website development by many web developers. It makes its popularity is approaching JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) and even beat GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). This file type is also commonly used in designing website favicon.

To create PNG files, we can use a variety of image processing software available including use online converter program, but how we can convert image files in JPEG format to PNG format ?. In this article I will show you a software that can convert JPEG files to PNG files instantly.

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is a free picture converter and image optimizer that enable you to adjust compression parameters whlist preserving minimum file size. In a dashboard, you can compare 2 (two) files in a side-by-side view, before and after compression or conversion process.

With its lightweight (only 1.343 MB), quick, and simple, this software is very easy to be used by beginners to advanced users. You can set or modify compression, colour number, metadata, and choose the output file format in various types.

In this article, I just want to share how to use RIOT application in converting existing JPEG files into PNG files. This is the short steps you can be tried :

  1. Install and open the software (if you do not have yet, you can download it by visiting their website page at http://
  2. Click “Open” button to upload your initial JPEG files from your computer folder. A new dialog box will appears and you can reduce new pixel size as well choose resampling filter before going to converting step. Leave it and click “OK” button if you do not want to make any change of file
  3. The initial image will appears in the left panel. Before you choose the output file format, in the right panel will be a same format with the left side but in an optimized version. This will be useful when you just want to make a compression file wihout change the original image file format.
  4. Choose the output file format by pressing “PNG” button if you want to have .png version or “GIF” button if you want to make a .gif image.
  5. Save the converted files by pressing “Save” button at the top menu of your RIOT
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