How to Convert “Color” Movie to “Black and White” Video Using Nero Video 11

Nero Video, as a part of well-known Nero brand, is a special software for capturing, editing, and burning videos by a simple and user-friendly interface. This powerful and lightweight software can be used not only for playing videos directly from the external video devices but also editing and burning them with a variety of video output format.

Before converting movies to any video output format, you can make a number of video editing processes such as shortening videos, adding effects, text, and pictures to videos, and much more. There are 2 (two) different option in video editing modes available to fit the user preference since there are 2 (two) kinds of user level : beginners and advanced.

In this article, I would like to share one feature in Nero Video that might be useful for you. This is a simple step on how to create a “black and white” video from “color” version using Nero Video 11 :

  1. Open Nero Video 11 either via PC desktop icon or Start menu.
  2. In the Welcome screen, choose “Edit & Import” menu and click “Make Movie or Slide Show”.nero video
  3. Enter “Movie name” as you want.
  4. Choose the video setting, such as Video format (PAL or NTSC), Resolution (720×480 px, 1280×720 px, 1440×1080 px, or 1920×1080 px), and Audio (mono, stereo, or surround).nero video
  5. Click “OK.”
  6. Click “Import – Import File”.
  7. Double click the video to preview it.
  8. Drag the video and drop to the Video track in the Timeline (the file will be split into 2 separate tracks : video track and audio track).nero video
  9. In the “Effect Palette” windows, choose “Black and White” and drag and drop to the video track. A little icon “fx” will be embedded on your video track. And in the “Properties” windows will appear new item “Black and White” active.nero video
  10. You can further click “Play” button in the preview screen to see the result.
  11. Click “Next” with the option to save your project (the saved project file will be in .nvc format). Click “Save” and the new windows will appear. Next, select what you want to do with your opened project.
  12. If you want to make an output video file immediately, click “Export” in the “Create & Export” menu.nero video
  13. Select “Export video to file”. You can configure the output video in predefined format or in your preferred ones by selecting “Configure” button.nero video
  14. Click “Browse” to place your output file in your desirable folder or directory.
  15. Click “Export” to start converting your video. Wait until the converting process finished.

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