How to Choose a Preferred Domain in Your WordPress and Google Search Console

Until today, I am very happy and much enjoyed having and managing blog by using WordPress platform. Besides there are plenty of free and paid themes provided by many developers, this platform also support URL setting in easy way. This tool can help web or blog owner in making their web or blog more attractive not only for human but also for spider bots like Googlebot. In other hand, either the variety of themes, wordpress also offers powerful tools in helping web developers and administrators in an attempt to achieve good results in Google search.

One of the important things you need to seriously consider after purchasing a domain and web hosting is making exact determination of the preferred domain (it required by WordPress when installation process is complete and also advised by Google Search Console). I mean that choosing preferred domain in WordPress is not enough and you must follow it by the same step in Google Search Console. If both of these steps have been fulfilled, the indexing process of your website or blog by Google will be more easily performed. And you can put a big expectation that your web or blog will be indexed quickly and able to get the top ranking in Google.

So, here’s a few steps in setting a preferred domain for your WordPress blog  :

In WordPress Admin Page

Once your WordPress installation is finished, then access your WordPress admin page (typically at and go to “Setting – General” menu. You will find that both in the column of “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” have been filled by the default WordPress setting URL i.e. “”. how to choose preferred domainAs this default setting, your preferred domain appears in the browser is “” (without “www”). This is also called as “naked domain” or “non-www domain”. As we know, Twitter and WordPress don’t have “www” prefix at the beginning of their URL. They prefer to choose “” and “” instead of “” and “”. So, you must take a little time to determine a preferred domain for your WordPress. If you are afraid to decide, then leave the two above column with default WordPress setting (“non-www”). You can modify or change it later although I suggest you to choose it at the beginning. Once you choose it, click “Save Changes” button in the bottom side of your admin page.

In Google Search Console

If you have a web or blog and want to be indexed quickly by Google, one more thing should be consider is you must register at Google Search Console. Supposing that you want to visit someone’s home and you have a high expectation on good welcome, you should know how the situation and the condition of the host and how to keep your arrival can be received well. So similar with Google. They will accept or welcome your web or blog (indicated by good indexing) if you fulfill their requirements by providing suitable tools for web developers or web owner, i.e Google Search Console. You can visit it at

First step is registering your WordPress blog or web to Google console by clicking “Add A Property” button. anytutorialIn the blank column appears, fill in with your full domain URL like “” (if you choose “non www”) or “” (if you choose “www” domain). Once “Add” button has been clicked, you will be redirected to the new panel, i.e verification page. In this page you will be guided step by step on how to verify the ownership of your web or blog (you need to have a little skill on how to access your cpanel). If your verification process is success, you will discover a notification which reads as “Congratulation, you have successfully verified your ownership of”. Then click “Continue” button in the bottom of that paragraphs.anytutorial

A new message will be appears in “Message” menu on your Google Search Console page. In this section, you must customize the preferred domain as same as you have been chosen at the earlier process in your WordPress admin page. It means that if you have chosen “non www” in your WordPress, so do in a same way in Google Search Console. Click “Save” after you finished it. Google will immediately notify you that your change has been saved.

“Final Touch”

In order Google not to be “confused” when indexing page is in progress, you must also verify the ownership of the opposite URL. I mean that if you have decided to choose “non www” as your preferred domain, you need to verify “www” domain as yours. If you do not take this way, it assumed that you have 2 (two) separated domain : “non www” domain and “www” domain. Google really do not love it and will give a bad impact for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because if you have write several articles in your WordPress, Google will consider it as duplicate contents when discovered in both “www” or “non www” version, vice versa. So, what you should do is making same steps in Google Search Console for the “opposite” version of your preferred domain so you now can claim that both of “www” and “non www” domain is only yours and Google will not considered as a separated property. This step definitely make a good result in SEO.

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