How to Analyze Your WordPress SEO Using SEO Analyzer by Bing

To reach a good rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, we must take care of On-Page SEO and know well about how to create a proper web or blog in order to fulfill SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The 3 (three) basic On-Page SEO should be understood and taken into account by web developer and web administrator are : (1) meta title (2) meta description (2) alt-text attribute. And now Bing provides “SEO Analyzer” (still in Beta version) that allows you to know the above criteria. Just enter a page’s URL and Bing will assess it whether meet SEO. The report will be shown after test finished and Bing will inform you if any errors found on your page’s URL. Because this tool is a part of Bing Webmaster, SEO Analyzer will only scan your page’s URL from your own domains.

It should be noted that before use this Bing tool, firstly you are advised to install “Meta Tag Manager” plugin on your WordPress.

  1. Sign up first if you don’t have account yet and login to your Bing Account at analyzer
  2. Choose your web or blog at your Bing Webmaster list which want to be analyzed.SEO analyzer
  3. Click “Diagnostics & Tools” menu and choose “SEO Analyzer”.
  4. Enter your full page’s URL which want to be analyzed. Click “Analyze” button to start the analyzing process. Just within seconds the tool fetches your site page and will displays a summary report immediately.

If your page has any error, there will appear “SEO Suggestions” lists as an example of my case below :SEO analyzer

1st Error : The title is too short or too long SEO

Suggestion : Change the length of the title to be between 5 and 100 characters.

SEO Explanation : If the title is too short, it may not provide us and users with enough information to understand the relevancy of your page. If the title is too long, we may need to shorten it in the search results and your keywords may not appear on the search results page. You should try to keep the length of the title somewhere between at least 5 characters and 100 characters.

Troubleshooting Steps : Go to the article post in your WordPress admin page and modify your title post.

2nd Error : There are multiple descriptions on the page SEO

Suggestion : Remove redundant <meta description> tags from the page source, so that only one <meta description> tag exists.

SEO Explanation : As a best practice, there should only be a single meta description per page, contained in the <head> section of the page source.

Troubleshooting Steps : Remove or delete the redundant meta descriptions by accessing “Setting – Meta Tag Manager” menu in your WordPress admin page and change the parameter of “Where to displayed this blog” from “All Pages” to “Front Pages” or other options.

3rd Error : The <img> tag does not have an ALT attribute definedSEO

Suggestion : Use the <img alt> attribute to write descriptive content for the image: <img source=”pic.gif” alt=”Accurate and descriptive keyword text that represents the image.” </img>.

SEO Explanation : As a general rule, search engines do not interpret the content of image files. The text provided in the <img alt> attribute enables the site owner to provide relevant information to the search engine and to the end user. Alt text is helpful to end users if the have images disabled or if the image does not properly load. In addition, the Alt text is utilized by screen readers. Make sure that your Alt text is descriptive and accurately reflects what the image represents and supports the content on the page.

Troubleshooting Steps : Go to the article post in your WordPress admin page and give alt attribute to the images.

In contrary, when there are no issues on SEO, the SEO Analyzer will inform you “no error count” message and a short sentence “No SEO violations were found for this page”. It means that your page’s URL is meet SEO requirements set by Bing. This conclusion also certainly can be implemented not only on Bing but also Google and other search engines.SEO

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