How to Add Live Site Traffic Widget on Your WordPress Sidebar

To increase engagement with your readers and in order, your web or blog look more attractive, you can add a live traffic widget on your WordPress sidebar, as you can see the screenshot below :

live traffic widget

Feedjit is one of the most interesting tools in customizing your live traffic feed and will look better if it placed on the right sidebar of your WordPress. To customize Feedjit, you can simply select several layout options like the color scheme, widget width, number of visitors displayed, and the visitor cities. Based on their homepage, The Feedjit Live Traffic has been already used by over a million publishers in the world.

Here’s the step on how to add The Feedjit Live Traffic widget on your WordPress sidebar :

  1. Go to to personalize your Feedjit layout.
  2. Click “Select a color scheme”. By default, it offers 2 (two) major options : (1) Light color scheme (2) Dark color scheme. You can choose it based on your existing web or blog design. I prefer to choose “Default” color scheme to be used on my traffic widget
    The preview of your selected scheme can be viewed on the right side of Feedjit page. You can further select the widget width (max 300 px), the number of visitors (max 10 people), background and header color scheme, etc.
  3. Choose your specific web or blog platform listed in the dropdown menu. As WordPress is your blog platform, just select “ Blog” option. Click “Go!”. live traffic widget
  4. It will display “Instruction for Installing on WordPress”. Just follow the guide shown. If you are still confused, you can read the rest of this traffic widget
  5. Login to your WordPress admin page and choose “Appearance – Widgets” menu.
  6. Drag “Text” widget and drop to your WordPress sidebar.
  7. Open the “Text” widget above and in the “Content” box, simply paste the Feedjit script obtained from traffic widget
  8. Click “Save” and check it in your browser to see the widget display on your WordPress page.

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