10000 Views to Monetize Youtube Channel 2017

YouTube made a new policy on April 07, 2017, which set the minimum views of your channel as many as 10000 before it can be included in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program). Since YouTube introduces this requirement, it seems to be making a bit of trouble for new Youtubers, though it doesn’t really affect users who have settled channels with many viewers.

“Starting today, we will no longer serve ads on YPP videos until the channel reaches 10k lifetime views”

Ariel Bardin, VP of Product Management

For the example, if you already have 1 (one) channel consisted of 10 (ten) videos, then you need a minimum average view per video as many as 1000 before eligible for submitting the monetization program via YouTube Partner Program (YPP). But from all of that, the more interesting for us to be analyzed are the main reasons behind the scene, considering that since launched in 2007, Youtube users can freely apply their videos for monetization without the minimum requirement on a number of views. And having heard the recent news that major advertisers including Verizon, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, etc,  pull out from YouTube ads due to terrorism and extremist contents, then YouTube began to react it.

At YouTube announcement page with the title “Introducing Expanded YouTube Partner Program Safeguards to Protect Creators“, it said that “to help protect creator revenue, we recently made it easy for anyone to report an impersonating channel. Now, we’re taking another step to protect creators by updating the thresholds required to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)“.

The first program is what referred to as “Impersonation of A Channel”. It means that activities such as duplicating user’s channel layout, using same usernames, and the like are considered as “impersonation”. Users who feel aggrieved over the ethics violations like this can make a report through the reporting tool that has been provided.

The second program that is said to be protection for creators is by updating the thresholds required to be able to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Before this new provision is launched, the users can make videos easily and upload it immediately to YouTube with the option to be monetized by registering and joining the YPP without considering the minimum views of the channels. Once you create a channel containing several videos with a few views, you can still monetize your channel. And as long as your video didn’t violate advertiser policies and community guidelines, it is a big chance the ads will quickly appear on your videos.10000 views

Actually, in the existing policies predefined by YouTube, they can’t allow users to monetize their videos that contain inappropriate contents, including violence and events related to violent extremism. So, if the “10000 views” program is said to “protect creator”, why the ads appearing in the appropriate video can be incidentally taken place or passed their own term of service. It should better if any videos that violate YouTube policies and community guidelines automatically be blocked by the system. So the actual root of the problem could be simply because the YouTube system is less secure so that ads should not appear on a video that violates their policies still happening.

Existing Three-Step Approval

The current steps in earning your YouTube channels are as the following :

Step 1 : Join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

In this step, you must register and sign in to your YouTube account. In the top right of your YouTube account, click your “Account Logo” and click “Creator Studio”. In the left menu, select “Channel – Status and Features”. In the “Monetization” section, click “Enable”. monetize video

Step 2 : Set up an Adsense Account for Payments

You should set up Adsense account associated with your YouTube channel in order your videos to be able to earn money and you get the payment.

Step 3 : Choose the Videos You Want to Monetize

After successful in joining YPP, you can turn on ads for eligible videos. In this crucial step, you must ensure that your videos meet the monetization criteria.

What’s Next ?

Again, based on YouTube announcement on April 07, 2017, they will add a review process for new creators who apply YPP. It means that the above steps will be modified in the section on how to earn money from the videos. Once you have applied for YPP, you can check your application status under “Monetization” section. After you get 10000 views on your channel, they will review your activity against their policies and the channels that have fewer than 10000 views can’t run ads on your videos.

In the end of the announcement, YouTube believes that this new application process will help ensure creator revenue continues to grow and end up in the right hands. So, let’s wait for their next actions for better improvements !.

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