How to Prevent People For Identifying Your WordPress Username

As a webmaster or WordPress administrator, you surely know that the WordPress back-end page can be accessed by going to or /wp-login.php. And since you didn’t change the default username to other name and make it same with author name that published on your front-end page, you will find that it made hackers easier to make brute force attacks to your WordPress. This is the most way in WordPress hacking attempts in the world. Continue reading “How to Prevent People For Identifying Your WordPress Username”

How to Submit Your URL to Bing

Based on documentation, the majority of internet users in the world use Google as a search engine than other brands. During 2016, the Google users reached around 71.41%, followed by Bing with a market share reaching 11.32%. Although the gap was too far with Google but it’s good for webmasters to began in paying attention to Bing. Continue reading “How to Submit Your URL to Bing”

How to Convert “Color” Movie to “Black and White” Video Using Nero Video 11

Nero Video, as a part of well-known Nero brand, is a special software for capturing, editing, and burning videos by a simple and user-friendly interface. This powerful and lightweight software can be used not only for playing videos directly from the external video devices but also editing and burning them with a variety of video output format. Continue reading “How to Convert “Color” Movie to “Black and White” Video Using Nero Video 11″

How to “Instruct” Google to Recrawl Your Page’s URL

Recently I get a positive result after “instructing” Google to recrawl my page’s URL utilizing “Fetch as Google” tool in Google Search Console (GSC). It was triggered by my own case which one of my latest article post in the topic of “the minimum requirement on 10000 views of Youtube channel” has not yet to be indexed by Google in an expected time after I posted it on my WordPress blog. Continue reading “How to “Instruct” Google to Recrawl Your Page’s URL”

How to Store & Share Files Using

If you already have a website or blog and want to share files with your visitors, there is a simple way to store and share your files by creating hyperlinks pointed to your file location. One of the advantages of storing files at free storage service like MediaFire is reducing the hosting space usage of your web or blog, especially if you have many files with large size. Continue reading “How to Store & Share Files Using”

10000 Views to Monetize Youtube Channel 2017

YouTube made a new policy on April 07, 2017, which set the minimum views of your channel as many as 10000 before it can be included in the YPP (YouTube Partner Program). Since YouTube introduces this requirement, it seems to be making a bit of trouble for new Youtubers, though it doesn’t really affect users who have settled channels with many viewers. Continue reading “10000 Views to Monetize Youtube Channel 2017”

What Are “Impressions” in Search Analytics of Google Search Console

The existence of Google Search Console (GSC) is beneficial for the webmasters or blog owners to make appropriate efforts in achieving good SEO through submitting sitemaps, setting preferred domains, checking mobile friendliness or usability, and so on. Besides that all, we can also take advantage of other features in Google Search Console named “Search Analytics” (previously named “Search Queries” and rebranded on May 20, 2015, to “Search Analytics” with additional filter possibilities for devices, search types, and date period). One of the terminologies that will be found in “Search Analytics” is “impression”. Continue reading “What Are “Impressions” in Search Analytics of Google Search Console”